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SGS STUDIOS in Switzerland
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Hello and welcome to SGS Studios!
Located on Lake Neuchâtel and the foothills of the Jura in Canton Vaud, SGS Studios provides retouching and photography services to a growing list of discerning customers.
Originating from a portrait photography studio, we have become one of the true experts in volume portraiture in Switzerland. We can cater to any sized event and have the experts who can capture emotive images in seconds. But this is just the beginning of our long list of services.
In addition to our photography skills, we have essential in-house competencies in digital art and informatics. These additional skills provide the cornerstone of our studio and enable us to give our clients a really expert service, from shoot to print.SGS Studios is not an average volume photography company. We offer our select "brand" of high quality portraiture, something we take pride in producing and something that speaks for itself in terms of quality and attention to detail. We can assist your organisation in the styles you want from your portraits.
After years of experience we understand our customers needs, implementing proven systems to guarantee a successful outcome. We manage your projects end-to-end to your specifications, and we create the images and products that resonate your quality mindset and philosophy.We are a company that likes to build lasting relationships with our customers, those that appreciate our approach and also the value of harnessing our partnership, to reach true potential and push the boundaries of customer satisfaction.Please find an overview of our services, a portfolio from some of our most recent projects and an introduction to our project engagement approach.
Many thanks, and we look forward to presenting our valued services to you!


Why Choose Us?

  • Real professionals in photography, photo retouching, design and IT.
  • High quality lighting and equipment.
  • High-end individual retouching.
  • Any background from colour seamless to custom painted canvas.
  • Full project management & support for administration.
  • Best of breed solution for person identification.
  • Top quality print products.
  • High resolution downloadable digital files.
  • À la carte and package product selection.
  • Private galleries and easy ordering.
  • Batch or direct product delivery.
  • Publication and book design & print.
  • Professional & efficient team.
  • Our High Volume Photography

    Our Studio Portrait Photography

    – when time is not an issue!

    With the monumental transformation in photography that has taken place, there are clearly no shortage of photographers. A portrait can be taken any time or place. But are the products produced by this "reflex" mostly unremarkable?

    Of course photography is very subjective, but there are both technical and artistic levels of competence that are evident when making comparisons between images.

    I believe the remit of our studio is to illustrate what the differences are between a portrait that is taken and one that is crafted. A quality portrait is like any other successful product. It should be made with an attention to detail, and a level of quality and design that is fit for purpose. Technical and artistic competence are ingredients equally important, but when "seasoned" with emotion, transform the impassive to the artistic.

    We believe this is the reason for professionals in portrait photography today.

    SGS Studios specialises in photographing people. We love what we do, and work with passion. We produces work that we hope will meet your highest expectations and I believe this is what sets us apart.

    SGS Studios

    Thank you, and we're looking
    forward to working with you.


    Vaud, Switzerland.

    024 555 3578 | 076 443 6882