Life is a play in which we all have a role. A wedding is where the the plays of two people cooincide. The start of the new story, with all the emotions of the future played out in a single day.


My wife and I tell your story – laughter, tears, joy, and love. Our approach is twofold: we capture the moments that are important and we capture the emotion within those fleeting seconds. Our stlyles are both photjournalistic and creative fine art. There is time for both during the day, a day that is always different.


The location, the size, the weather, the people. Each wedding is unique and we will capture the memories in a way that will delight you, in a way that will show commitment to your day and the value and importance we place upon it.


You can see within these pages what we can do with our craft. What we cannot show you is that we belong to the category of people who geniunly care. We care about your day. We care about your feelings towards us. We care about what you need. We care about the art we will present to you.




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SGS Studios